1: "Did you spot the Helicarrier in the background? Just one of the hidden MCU Easter eggs in the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer."

2: "Look closely at the newspaper clippings for a nod to the Battle of New York. Marvel fans, rejoice!"

3: "The mention of Shield and Hydra hints at a larger Marvel universe. What other Easter eggs did you catch?"

4: "Keep an eye out for the Stark Industries logo subtly hidden in a scene. Marvel's attention to detail is impressive."

5: "A brief glimpse of the Sanctum Sanctorum gives us a taste of the magical side of the MCU. Exciting stuff!"

6: "The Sokovia Accords make a cameo in the background. What other hidden gems did you spot?"

7: "Watch out for a subtle reference to Wakanda. The interconnectedness of the MCU is unmatched."

8: "The appearance of the Daily Bugle hints at a deeper connection to the Spider-Man series. Marvel never disappoints."

9: "The brief appearance of the Thanos copter is a fun nod to the Mad Titan. Marvel knows how to keep fans on their toes."