1: 1. Cookie Lyon slaps Lucious Lyon. 2. Cookie throws a drink in Anika's face. 3. Cookie confronts Camilla in prison.

2: 4. Cookie embarrasses Tiana at a fashion show. 5. Cookie kicks Hakeem out of Lyon Dynasty. 6. Cookie sabotages Anika's wedding.

3: 7. Cookie crashes Jamal's music video shoot. 8. Cookie threatens to expose Lucious's secrets. 9. Cookie forms an alliance with Angelo Dubois.

4: 10. Cookie attacks Boo Boo Kitty. 11. Cookie outs Camilla as Hakeem's kidnapper. 12. Cookie takes down Laz Delgado.

5: 13. Cookie exposes Anika's affair with Lucious. 14. Cookie confronts Tariq about his investigation. 15. Cookie incites a riot at Leviticus.

6: 16. Cookie schemes to take down Giuliana Green. 17. Cookie goes undercover to expose shine operation. 18. Cookie fakes her own kidnapping.

7: 19. Cookie reveals her traumatic history with Lucious. 20. Cookie plots to take over Empire Entertainment. 21. Cookie protects her family at all costs.

8: 22. Cookie teams up with her ex, Damon Cross. 23. Cookie stands up to shady promoter, Eddie Barker. 24. Cookie exposes Eddie as a fraud.

9: 25. Cookie faces off against Lucious in a power struggle. 26. Cookie negotiates a hostile takeover of Empire. 27. Cookie's shocking showdown with Damon Cross.