1: 1. Plank: Strengthen your core in just minutes a day. 2. Russian Twists: Blast belly fat with this twisty move.

2: 3. Bicycle Crunches: Target upper and lower abs simultaneously. 4. Mountain Climbers: Get your heart rate up while sculpting abs.

3: 5. Leg Raises: Tone your lower abs with this effective move. 6. Flutter Kicks: Burn calories and tone your core.

4: 7. Side Plank: Strengthen your obliques for a slimmer waist. 8. Crunches: Classic move for strong abs.

5: 9. Standing Oblique Crunches: No need for floor space with this move. 10. Reverse Crunches: Target lower abs with this variation.

6: 11. Sit-ups: Simple yet effective ab exercise. 12. Supermans: Strengthen not only abs, but back muscles too.

7: 13. Russian Twists with a twist: Add weights for extra challenge. 14. Plank Jacks: Cardio and core combined in one move.

8: 15. V-sit Hold: Engage entire core with this challenging move. 16. Seated Leg Tucks: Tighten lower abs with this seated exercise.

9: 17. Hanging Leg Raises: Advanced move for strong abs. 18. Oblique V-crunches: Target obliques and lower abs simultaneously.