1: 1. Jessica Pearson faces a life-altering choice. 2. A new power struggle emerges in the legal world. 3. Loyalties are tested in unexpected ways.

2: 4. Secrets from Jessica's past come back to haunt her. 5. The stakes get even higher in the world of high-powered attorneys. 6. Jessica's protégé makes a bold move.

3: 7. Betrayal threatens to unravel everything Jessica has worked for. 8. Unexpected alliances are formed. 9. Jessica's world is turned upside down.

4: 10. The consequences of Jessica's actions are revealed. 11. A shocking twist changes everything. 12. Jessica must fight for her future.

5: 13. Untold truths come to light. 14. Jessica's enemies close in. 15. The showdown of a lifetime is here.

6: 16. Jessica's resolve is put to the test. 17. The fallout from her choices is devastating. 18. A dramatic confrontation awaits.

7: 19. Jessica's strength is unmatched. 20. The truth will shatter everything. 21. No one is safe in Jessica's world.

8: 22. The consequences of power are laid bare. 23. Jessica's past catches up to her. 24. The final showdown is near.

9: 25. Jessica's journey reaches its thrilling conclusion. 26. The ultimate betrayal shocks everyone. 27. Jessica's legacy is forever changed.