1: Indulge in tangy hummus with fresh veggies for a quick anti-inflammatory boost.

2: Savor a bowl of olives and nuts for a crunchy and satisfying Mediterranean snack.

3: Treat yourself to a plate of grilled eggplant drizzled with olive oil for a flavorful anti-inflammatory snack.

4: Enjoy a light and refreshing tabbouleh salad loaded with fresh herbs and vegetables.

5: Delight in a handful of roasted chickpeas seasoned with Mediterranean spices for a protein-packed snack.

6: Snack on stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, herbs, and lemon juice for a burst of exotic flavor.

7: Munch on cucumber and feta cheese slices sprinkled with oregano for a simple and delicious anti-inflammatory treat.

8: Nosh on a platter of sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts for a savory and nutrient-dense Mediterranean snack.

9: Treat yourself to a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with honey and walnuts for a sweet and creamy anti-inflammatory dessert.