1 Exciting news: Tony and Ziva are coming back! Who else will cameo in their NCIS spinoff? Here are our top picks.

2 Could Gibbs make an appearance in the spinoff? We're crossing our fingers for this reunion!

3 Abby's quirky charm would be a perfect addition to Tony and Ziva's world. Will she make a surprise cameo?

4 Could McGee help his old friends out in their new adventures? We can't wait to find out!

5 Ducky's wisdom and wit would be a welcome addition to the spinoff. Will he pop in for a visit?

6 Bishop's analytical skills could come in handy for Tony and Ziva. Will she make a guest appearance?

7 Torres' street smarts and sense of humor would fit right in with Tony and Ziva. Will he drop by?

8 Palmer's kindness and loyalty would be a heartwarming addition to the spinoff. Will he cameo in the new series?

9 With so many possibilities for surprise cameos, we can't wait to see who shows up in Tony and Ziva's NCIS spinoff!