1: Indulge in the zesty flavors of lemon with these five delicious pasta recipes. From creamy to tangy, there's a dish for everyone to enjoy.

2: Lemon garlic spaghetti with spinach is a refreshing twist on classic pasta. Brighten up your meal with this simple yet flavorful dish.

3: Lemon ricotta pasta is a creamy and rich option that will have you coming back for seconds. This comforting recipe is perfect for any occasion.

4: Lemon shrimp scampi is a light and elegant dish that pairs perfectly with pasta. Impress your guests with this citrusy seafood delight.

5: Lemon chicken pasta combines tender chicken and tangy lemon for a mouthwatering meal. This hearty recipe is sure to satisfy any craving.

6: Lemon asparagus pasta is a vibrant and healthy option for a quick and easy dinner. Enjoy the fresh flavors of spring in every bite.

7: Lemon artichoke pasta is a savory and satisfying dish that will have you craving more. Elevate your pasta game with this flavorful recipe.

8: Lemon capellini with arugula is a light and refreshing pasta dish that is perfect for summer. Enjoy the peppery arugula and bright lemon flavors.

9: Lemon basil pesto pasta is a zesty and aromatic recipe that will transport you to Italy. This flavorful dish is a perfect way to enjoy pasta night.