1: 1. What was the motive behind Mandisa's death? 2. Were there any witnesses to the crime?

2: 3. How did the killer gain access to Mandisa's home? 4. Were there any previous threats made against Mandisa?

3: 5. Did Mandisa know her killer? 6. Was there any evidence left at the crime scene?

4: 7. Were there any security cameras in the area? 8. Did Mandisa have any enemies or confrontations prior to her death?

5: 9. What was the timeline of events leading up to Mandisa's death? 10. Was there any financial motivation for the crime?

6: 11. Were there any connections between Mandisa and known criminals? 12. Why was Mandisa targeted specifically?

7: 13. Were there any inconsistencies in the initial police report? 14. Was Mandisa involved in any risky activities prior to her death?

8: 15. Were there any delays in the investigation process? 16. Did Mandisa have any personal conflicts that could have led to her death?

9: 17. Did authorities overlook any potential suspects? 18. Were there any overlooked pieces of evidence that could lead to solving the case?