1: "Time Travel Backstories" Discover how Tony and Ziva's past adventures shape their present in the NCIS spinoff.

2: "Alternate Realities" Explore parallel universes in the new show's thrilling storyline.

3: "Temporal Dilemmas" Witness the characters navigate time loops and paradoxes.

4: "Astral Projections" Tony and Ziva's psychic connections add a supernatural twist to the series.

5: "Time Warping Technology" See how futuristic gadgets transport the duo to different eras.

6: "Interdimensional Travel" Join Tony and Ziva as they journey through multiple dimensions.

7: "Cosmic Consequences" The duo faces the repercussions of manipulating time and space.

8: "Timeless Love Story" Experience the enduring bond between Tony and Ziva transcend all barriers.

9: "Timeless Adventure" Don't miss the action-packed episodes as the duo tackles time and space in their NCIS spinoff.