1: Who are Tony and Ziva? The beloved characters from NCIS are finally getting their own spinoff show.

2: What is the premise of the new show? Tony and Ziva will team up to solve crimes around the world.

3: When will the spinoff premiere? Fans can expect to see Tony and Ziva back in action in the upcoming TV season.

4: Where will the show take place? The new spinoff will feature exotic locations and high-stakes investigations.

5: Why are fans excited for the new series? Viewers can't wait to see the dynamic duo back together on screen.

6: How will the spinoff connect to the original NCIS series? Tony and Ziva's new adventures will reference their past on NCIS.

7: What can viewers expect from the new show? Thrilling action, compelling drama, and plenty of twists and turns.

8: Who else will be part of the cast? Stay tuned for announcements about the talented actors joining the spinoff.

9: Where can fans watch the new series? Tune in to your favorite TV network or streaming service to catch Tony and Ziva in action.