1: "Jessica Pearson's back and fiercer than ever in a Chicago-based law spinoff. Will she outsmart the Windy City's legal elite?"

2: "Mike Ross and Harvey Specter reunite in a corporate espionage thriller. Can they navigate the dangerous world of big business?"

3: "Louis Litt takes center stage in a comedy spinoff. Will his quirky antics keep us laughing in every episode?"

4: "Donna Paulsen finally gets her own detective drama. Can she solve the toughest cases while juggling her personal life?"

5: "Rachel Zane embarks on a political thriller. Will she use her legal prowess to navigate the murky waters of Washington?"

6: "Alex Williams leads a gritty crime drama. Can he bring justice to the streets of New York City while battling his own demons?"

7: "Katrina Bennett stars in a tech-focused spinoff. Will she revolutionize the industry while facing off against ruthless competitors?"

8: "Brian Altman fights for justice in a public defender spinoff. Can he make a difference for the underprivileged in the courtroom?"

9: "Samantha Wheeler navigates the world of sports law in a high-stakes spinoff. Will she outwit the competition and come out on top?"