1: Elevate your weeknight dinners with these Mediterranean hacks for the busy working woman.

2: Swap rice with couscous for a quick and healthy side dish that complements any Mediterranean meal.

3: Prepare a big batch of homemade tzatziki sauce to add a refreshing and flavorful touch to your dishes.

4: Use pre-marinated chicken or fish to cut down on prep time without compromising on taste.

5: Incorporate a variety of colorful veggies into your meals for added nutrition and vibrant presentation.

6: Opt for whole grain pita bread or wraps to make delicious Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches in minutes.

7: Experiment with different herbs and spices like oregano, basil, and cumin to enhance the flavors of your dishes.

8: Utilize canned beans and lentils as a quick and easy protein source to make hearty Mediterranean salads.

9: Transform leftovers into new meals by repurposing ingredients like grilled veggies and cooked meats.