1: 1. Chemistry: Tony and Ziva's electrifying connection on NCIS has fans eager for more.

2: 2. Unresolved tension: Viewers crave closure on Tony and Ziva's romantic storyline.

3: 3. Action-packed adventures: Fans anticipate thrilling missions for the dynamic duo.

4: 4. Character growth: Audiences excited to see how Tony and Ziva have evolved since NCIS.

5: 5. Familiar faces: Possible cameos from NCIS favorites spark anticipation.

6: 6. Impending danger: Fans on edge to see how Tony and Ziva navigate new challenges.

7: 7. Love story: The promise of a Tony and Ziva romance has viewers counting down.

8: 8. Mystery: Enigmatic plot twists keep fans guessing about Tony and Ziva's future.

9: 9. Nostalgia: The Tony and Ziva Spinoff is poised to reignite fans' passion for NCIS.