1: 1. Lack of originality in plot twists. 2. Limited character development for key apes. 3. Inconsistencies in storytelling. 4. Over-reliance on CGI effects.

2: 5. Failure to fully explore the potential of ape-human conflict. 6. Disappointing climax and resolution. 7. Audience fatigue from oversaturation of ape-related content.

3: 1. Weak pacing and lack of tension. 2. Inadequate emotional payoff for viewers. 3. Uninspired cinematography and visual effects. 4. Poor critical reception and audience feedback.

4: 5. Failure to innovate on established Planet of the Apes formula. 6. Lack of memorable new characters. 7. Failure to live up to the legacy of the original films.

5: 1. Inability to capture the magic of the first two films. 2. Lack of depth in thematic exploration. 3. Predictable plot twists and resolutions. 4. Failure to engage with contemporary social issues.

6: 5. Inconsistencies in character motivations. 6. Lack of a compelling villain. 7. Missed opportunities for meaningful storytelling and world-building.

7: 1. Lack of risks taken in storytelling. 2. Failure to surprise or captivate audiences. 3. Lack of emotional investment in the fate of the characters. 4. Inability to recapture the success of the previous films.

8: 5. Lack of originality in action sequences. 6. Failure to explore the consequences of ape revolution. 7. Disappointing portrayal of human characters in the narrative.

9: 1. Inability to maintain the momentum of the franchise. 2. Lack of closure for key story arcs. 3. Missed opportunities for deeper exploration of ape society. 4. Unfulfilled potential in building a compelling narrative.