1: "Unlock Chipotle's hidden menu for healthier options. Avoid extra calories with lean protein and fresh veggies."

2: "Skip the sour cream and cheese. Load up on lettuce, beans, and salsa for a guilt-free meal."

3: "Opt for brown rice or salad as a base. Say no to chips and opt for a side of guacamole instead."

4: "Customize your order with extra veggies and skip the excess carbs. Balance your meal with protein and fiber."

5: "Choose the healthier protein options like grilled chicken or sofritas. Avoid the calorie-heavy options like carnitas."

6: "Ask for dressing on the side for better portion control. Avoid the high-calorie tortillas and opt for a bowl instead."

7: "Stay hydrated with water instead of sugary drinks. Choose lime wedges for added flavor without the calories."

8: "Make mindful choices when ordering extras like chips and queso. Stick to your healthy routine for a guilt-free meal."

9: "Remember, moderation is key. Enjoy your Chipotle meal without overindulging for a healthier dining experience."