1: Michael Weatherly's Career Beginnings From roles in soap operas to big screen success, Weatherly's career took off early on.

2: NCIS Launches Weatherly to Stardom His portrayal of Tony DiNozzo catapulted Weatherly to fame and fan adoration.

3: Weatherly's Controversial Exit from NCIS After 13 seasons, Weatherly's departure from the show shocked fans and industry insiders.

4: Bull: Weatherly's Next Big Break Starring in the legal drama Bull, Weatherly showcased his versatile acting chops.

5: Sexual Harassment Allegations Rock Weatherly Controversy surrounding Weatherly's behavior on set raised questions about his career.

6: Navigating the Fallout Weatherly's public apology and efforts for self-improvement earned mixed reactions from fans.

7: Weatherly's Redemption Arc Despite setbacks, Weatherly continues to work on new projects and regain trust from fans.

8: The Future of Michael Weatherly With ongoing projects and a dedicated fan base, Weatherly's career remains on the rise.

9: In Conclusion Michael Weatherly's career has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but his talent and resilience continue to shine through.