1: NCIS: Los Angeles takes over as the new title for the beloved franchise after Hawaii's cancellation.

2: Fans are in for a primetime shocker as NCIS: Los Angeles steps up to fill the void left by Hawaii.

3: The NCIS franchise takes a new turn with a title change following the cancellation of Hawaii.

4: Say aloha to NCIS: Los Angeles as it becomes the new focal point of the acclaimed franchise.

5: Hawaii's exit paves the way for NCIS: Los Angeles to reign as the ultimate primetime show.

6: Fans can catch all the action and drama in the rebranded NCIS: Los Angeles post Hawaii's cancellation.

7: NCIS: Los Angeles rises to the occasion as the leader of the franchise post-Hawaii.

8: Hawaii's departure leads to a new chapter for the NCIS franchise with NCIS: Los Angeles stealing the spotlight.

9: Get ready for a thrilling ride with NCIS: Los Angeles taking over the reins after Hawaii's exit.