1: Sarah Jessica Parker stunned the world in her iconic black wedding dress. But do you know the untold story behind this bold fashion choice?

2: Before breaking traditions in black, Sarah Jessica Parker initially planned to wear a traditional white dress on her big day.

3: Sarah Jessica Parker's black wedding dress was designed by iconic fashion designer Vera Wang, who crafted it specially for her.

4: The statement-making black dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker featured a dramatic silhouette with intricate details and delicate lace.

5: The unconventional choice to wear black was a bold move by Sarah Jessica Parker, setting a trend for non-traditional brides everywhere.

6: Sarah Jessica Parker's black wedding dress became an instant fashion sensation, inspiring brides to embrace their personal style on their special day.

7: The untold story behind Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic black wedding dress showcases her fearless approach to both fashion and tradition.

8: By choosing a black wedding dress, Sarah Jessica Parker proved that unconventional can be just as beautiful and meaningful on your wedding day.

9: From the moment she stepped out in that black dress, Sarah Jessica Parker solidified her status as a fashion icon and trailblazer for brides everywhere.