1: Discover three delicious twists on beef enchilada casserole that will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.

2: Swap out traditional beef for spicy chorizo in this zesty version of beef enchilada casserole.

3: Elevate your casserole game with a creamy chicken and green chile enchilada twist.

4: Try a vegetarian twist on beef enchilada casserole by using roasted sweet potatoes and black beans.

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6: Get creative with a layer of macaroni and cheese in this indulgent beef enchilada casserole twist.

7: For a lighter option, swap out tortillas for zucchini in this keto-friendly beef enchilada casserole twist.

8: Add a tangy twist to traditional beef enchilada casserole with a layer of pickled jalapeños and onions.

9: Bring the flavors of the Southwest to your table with these must-try beef enchilada casserole twists.