1: Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes, channels Joey Potter in a fashion win. The young star shows off her mom's stylish genes.

2: Taking after her mom, Suri Cruise rocks classic and chic looks that resemble those worn by Katie Holmes in her Dawson's Creek days.

3: From oversized blazers to trendy accessories, Suri Cruise's fashion sense mirrors that of her fashionable mom, Katie Holmes.

4: Suri Cruise is a mini fashion icon, drawing inspiration from Katie Holmes' iconic character, Joey Potter, with her smart and trendy wardrobe.

5: Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise's mother-daughter fashion moments prove that style runs in the family, with both ladies making a statement.

6: Suri Cruise's fashion choices are a nod to Joey Potter's effortless and timeless style, showcasing a mix of sophistication and youthfulness.

7: Channeling her mom's iconic character, Suri Cruise effortlessly mixes classic pieces and trendy ensembles for a fashion-forward look.

8: Suri Cruise's fashion evolution mirrors her mom, Katie Holmes', journey, with the young star growing into her own stylish persona.

9: With Katie Holmes as her fashion inspiration, Suri Cruise continues to showcase her unique style, cementing her status as a young fashionista.