1: Tone Your Arms at Home Get sculpted muscles with these 5 exercises you can do from home. No need for expensive equipment!

2: Push-up variations Push-ups are an effective way to tone your arms. Try different variations like diamond, wide grip, and knee push-ups.

3: Tricep dips Tricep dips target the back of your arms. Use a sturdy chair or bench to perform this exercise with proper form.

4: Bicep curls Use dumbbells or household items like water bottles to do bicep curls. Focus on controlled movements for maximum results.

5: Shoulder press Shoulder press exercises will strengthen and tone your shoulders and arms. Keep your core engaged for added stability.

6: Plank shoulder taps Plank shoulder taps engage your core and arms. Maintain a strong plank position while alternating tapping your shoulders.

7: Tricep kickbacks Tricep kickbacks isolate the tricep muscles. Use light dumbbells and keep your elbows close to your body throughout the movement.

8: Arm circles Arm circles are a simple yet effective exercise to target all areas of your arms. Do forward and backward circles for best results.

9: Arm pumps Finish off your workout with fast-paced arm pumps. This high-intensity exercise will burn out your muscles for a toned finish.